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The most beautiful product, enviable connections and a great reputation. There was just one missing link in the Diane  James Home puzzle. Their brand identity and website.

Stocked by some of the world's finest stores (think Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman to name just a few), Diane James' couture faux floral arrangements grace some of the world's most exclusive homes.

With an average price tag of around $300 it was clear that the company needed a refresh and I was thrilled that they approached me to help them. The moment we started our consultation I could see past the dated emerald tag and envisaged something fresher, cleaner and more aspirational. Something befitting of the premium price tag and exquisite product.

"The first time we saw Fiona Humberstone’s website, we fell hard and and we only dreamed that we could work with such a “creative catalyst” from across the pond.  Well, dreams do sometimes come true and after a lengthy questionnaire and a three hour Skype call, we convinced her to join our team."

- Carolyn McDonnell, Diane James Home


Inspired by their seasonally designed collections combined with Diane's signature 'just picked from the garden' style - so natural and effortless it has been known to fool the most discerning of floral experts, I developed a simple and stylish mood board with a stripped back colour palette to let the flowers speak for themselves.


A black, white and deep green colour palette combined with serif fonts and and botanical illustrations would add elegance and gravitas to this well established brand.


For Blooms, the diffusion range, we aimed to create something younger and more 'on trend' whilst retaining that timeless and aspirational quality so key to the brand.

Armed with an inspirational mood board and detailed creative vision, we approached a number of agencies whose style we felt resonated with the look we were going for. I was thrilled that the Diane, Cynthia and Carolyn selected Stitch Design Co - a talented agency based in South Carolina who we felt sure would deliver something breathtaking - and they did!


Even when you're working with a creative team at the top of their game, it's great to have a sounding board. An experienced hand to guide you through the decision making process and keep you on track.

I worked with the team at Diane James Home to review every design iteration: helping them to see the big picture, select their favourites (more than twenty logo concepts were sent initially) and provide an objective commercial perspective.

"Fiona helped us look outside the green box of our old logo and made us think hard about who we are and where we’d like to go with this botanical business of ours. She started with the big picture and held our hand throughout the design phase."

- Carolyn McDonnell, Diane James Home


Utterly essential to this project was helping the team at Diane James Home create a new and compelling ecommerce website. Having got 'stuck' on designing a new website back in 2011, the current site was simply not fit for purpose.

Going right back to basics, I created a set of wireframes (layouts)with a contemporary look that the design and development teams could work.

Crucially, content was placed front and centre, with an emphasis on sharing both how the collections are pulled together and also the fact that they are hand crafted within the USA.

The new website went live in October 2015 and we are looking forward to seeing a significant increase in sales!


"Fiona is a true expert in her field and she gave us fresh eyes with which to view our established brand. This new perspective allowed us to think outside the box and to create a younger, fresher, more vibrant identity that will carry us into the next phase of our growth. She is a pleasure to work with!"

- Carolyn McDonough, Diane James



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