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It all started with a conversation. An idea that just grew and grew. A vision for a different kind of workshop. One filled with fun, creativity and learning. A truly memorable day that would be a feast for the eyes, and the senses.

Rona Wheeldon runs the hugely popular Flowerona blog. An award winning writer, experienced trainer and aspiring TV presenter, Rona was keen to help florists use social media to grow their businesses and invited me to help her design, market and deliver the workshops.



We launched our first workshop in July 2014 and had a blast. Inspired by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students, as well as plenty of requests for a new date, we set a new date for October and sold out within just three weeks!

Since then we have delivered four Social Media for Florists and one Branding for Florists workshop to more than 150 students from across Europe and the USA.

Our next plan is to take the workshops online and, fingers crossed, run one Stateside in the new year.


From the outset we were keen to create impact at every turn. And that meant goody bags filled with treats, handouts like you've never seen before and beautifully styled details both in the classroom and 'restaurant' we created downstairs.

Over time we've partnered with some truly generous brands, Serax, LSA, Sarah Raven, Anthropologie, True Grace and Zest Flowers to name just a few.


"Fiona's creative attention to detail is astonishing."

- Rona Wheeldon, Flowerona


I mood board every workshop, and take the creative theme through everything: from the flowers and props to the food, cocktails and handouts.

You'll find plenty of inspiration and examples of the way we've styled the various workshops on my blog, and this post contains an insight into my creative process.


We work really hard to make sure that the day is packed with both current, relevant information and exercises that will really help our guests cement what they've learned.

Whilst the styling and food are fun, and essential aspects of the day, we never lose sight of the fact that people are here first and foremost to learn, to recharge their batteries and to return to their desks ready to take action.


Rona and I are polar opposites, but together we make a formidable team!

Rona, the detail attentive, industry expert whose contacts, floral know how and diligence ensures the day runs smoothly. I focus my creative ideas on creating an impact, building a cohesive vision for the day and designing content that will inspire and motivate the students whilst keeping the big picture in mind.

We'll co-present the day - each presenting the topics that best reflect our areas of expertise and always make sure we're on hand to answer questions over the informal cocktails at the end.

"Fiona's limitless energy, infectious enthusiasm and astonishing creative attention-to-detail helped to ensure that the workshops not only were launched with great success this year, but also sold out."

- Rona Wheeldon, Flowerona

Social Media for Florists - October 2014

In October 2014, Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona and Fiona Humberstone of The Brand Stylist ran their second 'Social Media for Florists' workshop at Brixton East in London. This video, which was created by Duncan McCabe, features both Rona and Fiona being interviewed, scenes from the workshop, plus testimonials by some of the delegates.

Posted by Flowerona - Rona Wheeldon's Flower Blog on Friday, March 27, 2015


Take a look at this beautifully produced video which will give you a real insight into our workshops. It's best viewed in HD (you'll see a little icon bottom right you can click on).



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